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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

  • Queen:Elizabeth II
  • Prime Minister:David William Donald Cameron
  • Capital city:London
  • Languages:English; the following are recognized regional languages: Scots (about 30% of the population of Scotland), Scottish Gaelic (about 60,000 in Scotland), Welsh (about 20% of the population of Wales), Irish (about 10% of the population of Northern Ireland)
  • Government
  • National statistics office
  • Population:64,097,085 (2013)
  • Area:241,930 (2014)
  • GDP per capita:41,787 (2013)
  • GDP, current US$:2,678 (2013)
  • GINI index:38.04 (2010)
  • Ease of Doing Business rank:8 (2015)