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Eurostat Dataset Id:avia_eq_arc_age

The Questionnaire on Air Transport Statistics is aimed to collect aggregated annual data on the air transport sector for the following domains:

I. Infrastructure (covering commercial airports only) (status at 31/12)

II. Transport equipment (covering commercial aircrafts only) (status at 31/12)

III. Enterprises, economic performance and employment (status at 31/12)

IV. Accidents (annual data)

Data are collected and disseminated at country level or at airport level for major European airports.

The questionnaire is not supported by any legal acts and it is based on a gentlemen's agreement with the participating countries (Member States, Candidate Countries and EFTA countries). It is usually prefilled by Eurostat using its own sources as well as other ones (e.g. Airclaims or EASA) and sent to the countries for completion and validation. The completeness varies from country to country.

Please note that information concerning data collected in the frame of the Air Transport Statistics Regulation can be found in the metadata documentation provided for this domain (Air Transport Measurement).

The section on "Infrastructure" contains three tables:

  • Number of main airports (with more than 150 000 passenger movements per year) and other airports with more than 15,000 passenger movements per year) at country level
  • Airport infrastructures by type at airport level
  • Airport connections to other modes of transport at airport level.

The section on "Transport Equipment" contains two tables:

  • Commercial aircraft fleet by type of aircraft at country level
  • Commercial aircraft fleet by age of aircraft at country level

The section on "Enterprises economic performance and employment" contains three tables:

  • Number of aviation and airport enterprises at country level
  • Employment in aviation and airport enterprises by gender at country level
  • Employment in main airports by gender at airport level

The section on "Accidents" contains two tables:

  • Number of injury accidents at country level

Number of fatalities in injury accidents at country level

Uploaded by:  Mahesh Kumar