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About us

Knoema is a US-based company founded in July 2011 and headquartered in Washington,  D.C. The company was born out of our recognition that in managing complex international aid programs and developing effective national economic development policies, the lack of available, quality data frequently impeded progress and shared understanding.

Knoema was the solution. The name derives from the combination of knowledge and the Greek word νόημα (noema), which stands for "what makes sense".

Introducing Knoema

We at Knoema appreciate data. But, we realized years ago two things: for many, data is cumbersome; for others, the disparate and incomplete nature of data coupled with its erratic delivery renders it somewhere between unusable and practically non-existent. Because of this, we have made access to normalized data from worldwide sources our priority so that the data can work for you.

2.2B+ timeseries
1K+ topics
1K+ sources

What is Knoema?

Knoema's data is its service.

We discover, extract, and normalize data to make it usable through our open data platform. Knoema’s smart search engine moves beyond simple keyword search results to dataset discovery and auto-generated visualization collections to represent your data query.

Download Knoema’s data to your computer, explore interrelationships among datasets with our visualization tools, and export ready-made visualizations to friends and colleagues. We provide the data, you tell the story.

Knoema steadily contributes to the global data dialogue as well. We generate data through partnerships with the African Development Bank, the European Commission, and the International Monetary Fund, among others. Knoema has also implemented open data solutions for nearly 60 countries, enabling their more effective participation in the global information economy. And, our proprietary data collection network – MarketTap – provides real time, unique, and scalable data access to rural and urban markets throughout Africa.

Business Problems We Solve

Elegant data solution that minimizes the need for data scientists and external visualizations:

Liberates data from databases and other data silos and incorporates directly into analyst workflow

Provides easy, cost effective means to fill data gaps and verify your internal and contract data sources

Captures and grows internal knowledge capital