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Prov. Limburg (BE)

  • Capital:No data
  • No data:No data
  • Population, persons:No data
  • Land area, data
  • Population density, persons/sq. km:No data
  • Net migration:No data
  • Rate of natural population change, %:No data
  • Fertility rate, births per woman:No data
  • Official web-site of the region:No data
  • GDP, millons of euro:No data
  • GDP per capita, euro:No data
  • GDP per cap., % of EU average:No data
  • Gross enrolment ratio (all levels of education), %:No data
  • Doctors, per 100,000 inhabitants:No data
  • Employment rate (age 15-64), %:No data
  • Unemployment rate (age 15 or over), %:No data
  • Net disposable income per inhabitant, euro:No data
  • Passenger cars, per 1,000 inhabitants:No data