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Belize - Refinery output of jet fuel

0.0 (thousand barrels per day) in December 2016

Between January 2012 and December 2016, Belize output of jet fuel remained stable at around 0 thousand barrels per day.

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What is output of jet fuel?

Refinery output is the total amount of petroleum products produced at a refinery. Includes petroleum consumed by the refinery. Jet Fuel is a refined petroleum product used in jet aircraft engines. It includes kerosene-type jet fuel and naphtha-type jet fuel.

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What is Belize output of jet fuel?

Date Value Change, %
2016M12 0.0
2016M11 0.0
2016M10 0.0
2016M9 0.0
2016M8 0.0
2016M7 0.0
2016M6 0.0
2016M5 0.0
2016M4 0.0
2016M3 0.0
2016M2 0.0
2016M1 0.0