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Brazil - Barley exports quantity

23,531 (tonnes) in 2015

Brazil barley exports quantity was at level of 23,531 tonnes in 2015, up from 0 tonnes previous year, this is a change of ∞.

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What is barley exports quantity?

Hordeum spp.: two-row barley (H. disticum) six-row barley (H. hexasticum) four-row barley (H. vulgare). Tolerates poorer soils and lower temperatures better than does wheat. Varieties include with husk and without (naked). Used as a livestock feed, for malt and for preparing foods. The roasted grains are a coffee substitute.

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What is Brazil barley exports quantity?

Date Value Change, %
2015 23,531
2014 0 -100.00 %
2013 25,751
2012 0
2011 0
2010 0
2009 0 -100.00 %
2008 29,352
2007 0
2006 0
2005 0
2004 0