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Cambodia - Private enrolment in secondary education

2.0 (%) in 2007

In 2007, private enrolment in secondary education for Cambodia was 2 %. Private enrolment in secondary education of Cambodia increased from 0.5 % in 2000 to 2 % in 2007 growing at an average annual rate of 75.60 %.

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What is private enrolment in secondary education?

Percentage of private enrolment. Secondary is the enrolment in private secondary schools expressed as a percentage of total enrolment (public and private) in secondary schools. 'Private' refers to all educational institutions not operated by a public authority, regardless of whether they receive financial support from public authorities. A high percentage indicates strong involvement of the non-governmental sector (including religious bodies, other organizations, associations, communities, private enterprises or persons) in providing organized educational programmes.

What is Cambodia private enrolment in secondary education?

Date Value Change, %
2007 2.0 60.54 %
2006 1.2 287.69 %
2003 0.3 -15.52 %
2002 0.4 -30.31 %
2000 0.5
1999 0.0