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Congo - Wheat exports quantity

0 (tonnes) in 2013

Congo wheat exports quantity was at level of 0 tonnes in 2013, down from 202 tonnes previous year, this is a change of 100.00 %.

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What is wheat exports quantity?

Triticum spp.: common (T. aestivum) durum (T. durum) spelt (T. spelta). Common and durum wheat are the main types. Among common wheat, the main varieties are spring and winter, hard and soft, and red and white. At the national level, different varieties should be reported separately, reflecting their different uses. Used mainly for human food.

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What is Congo wheat exports quantity?

Date Value Change, %
2013 0 -100.00 %
2012 202 0.00 %
2011 202 0.00 %
2010 202 0.00 %
2009 202