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Senegal - Number of technicians in R&D

35.9 (per million people) in 2015

In 2015, number of technicians in R&D for Senegal was 35.9 per million people. Number of technicians in R&D of Senegal fell gradually from 50.8 per million people in 2008 to 35.9 per million people in 2015.

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What is number of technicians in R&D?

Technicians in R&D and equivalent staff are people whose main tasks require technical knowledge and experience in engineering, physical and life sciences (technicians), or social sciences and humanities (equivalent staff). They participate in R&D by performing scientific and technical tasks involving the application of concepts and operational methods, normally under the supervision of researchers.

What is Senegal number of technicians in R&D?

Date Value Change, %
2015 35.9 5.28 %
2010 34.1 -32.82 %
2008 50.8