California - Crude oil production (including lease condensate)

996,414.0 (billion Btu) in 2017

In 2017, crude oil production for California was 996,414 billion btu. Crude oil production of California fell gradually from 2,165,847 billion btu in 1968 to 996,414 billion btu in 2017.

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What is crude oil production?

The volume of crude oil produced from oil reservoirs during given periods of time. The amount of such production for a given period is measured as volumes delivered from lease storage tanks (i.e., the point of custody transfer) to pipelines, trucks, or other media for transport to refineries or terminals with adjustments for (1) net differences between opening and closing lease inventories, and (2) basic sediment and water (BSw). Data in thousand barrels are converted into billion Btu using a fixed conversion factor of 5.8 million Btu per barrel.

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What is California crude oil production?