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Wisconsin - Total energy consumption

1,781,071.0 (billion Btu) in 2016

In 2016, energy consumption for Wisconsin was 1,781,071 billion btu. Energy consumption of Wisconsin increased from 1,137,128 billion btu in 1967 to 1,781,071 billion btu in 2016 growing at an average annual rate of 0.97 %.

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What is energy consumption?

Consumption of primary energy. (Energy sources that are produced from other energy sources, e.g., coal coke from coal, are included in Primary Energy Consumption only if their energy content has not already been included as part of the original energy source. Thus, U.S. Primary Energy Consumption does include net imports of coal coke, but not the coal coke produced from domestic coal.) The Energy Information Administration includes the following in U.S. Primary Energy Consumption: coal consumption; coal coke net imports; petroleum consumption (petroleum products supplied, including natural gas plant liquids and crude oil burned as fuel); dry natural gas excluding supplemental gaseous fuels consumption; nuclear electricity net generation (converted to Btu using the nuclear plants heat rate); conventional hydroelectricity net generation (converted to Btu using the fossil-fueled plants heat rate); geothermal electricity net generation (converted to Btu using the geothermal plants heat rate), and geothermal heat pump energy and geothermal direct use energy; solar thermal and photovoltaic electricity net generation (converted to Btu using the fossil-fueled plants heat rate), and solar thermal direct use energy; wind electricity net generation (converted to Btu using the fossil-fueled plants heat rate); wood and wood-derived fuels consumption; biomass waste consumption; fuel ethanol and biodiesel consumption; losses and co-products from the production of fuel ethanol and biodiesel; and electricity net imports (converted to Btu using the electricity heat content of 3,412 Btu per kilowatthour).

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What is Wisconsin energy consumption?

Date Value Change, %
2016 1,781,071.0 -0.93 %