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Depth of the food deficit

(Kcal per person per day)

In 2016, food deficit in South Africa was 13 kcal per person per day. In the ranking by food deficit including 115 countries, South Africa has the 108th rank that is close to the positions of such countries as Sierra Leone and the Swaziland. Compared to Brunei Darussalam which at the top of the ranking with food deficit of 12 kcal per person per day in 2016, South Africa has 8.33 % percent higher food deficit.

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What is food deficit?

The number of calories needed to lift the undernourished from their status, everything else being constant. The average intensity of food deprivation of the undernourished, estimated as the difference between the average dietary energy requirement and the average dietary energy consumption of the undernourished population (food-deprived), is multiplied by the number of undernourished to provide an estimate of the total food deficit in the country, which is then normalized by the total population.