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National rainfall index


In 2000, rainfall index in Belgium was 1,070 mm. In the ranking by rainfall index including 34 countries, Belgium has the 30th rank that is close to the positions of such countries as Austria and the Poland. Compared to Kazakhstan which at the top of the ranking with rainfall index of 274.5 mm in 2000, Belgium has 289.80 % percent higher rainfall index.

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What is rainfall index?

An indicator, developed by FAO, which represents the quality of the crop growing season. The NRI yearly results take into consideration the precipitation that year, the average precipitation over the period 1986-2000, the seasonality of the main crop-growing season (distinguishing between northern and southern hemispheres), and what areas of the country are wetter. The median of each five year period is provided. Note: due to methodological differences, this variable is not comparable to average precipitation