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Unemployment rate


In 2018, unemployment rate in Poland was 3.8 %. In the ranking by unemployment rate including 106 countries, Poland has the 87th rank that is close to the positions of such countries as China and the Taiwan Province of China. Compared to Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) which at the top of the ranking with unemployment rate of 35 % in 2018, Poland has 89.18 % percent lower unemployment rate.

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What is unemployment rate?

Unemployment rate can be defined by either the national definition, the ILO harmonized definition, or the OECD harmonized definition. The OECD harmonized unemployment rate gives the number of unemployed persons as a percentage of the labor force (the total number of people employed plus unemployed). [OECD Main Economic Indicators, OECD, monthly] As defined by the International Labour Organization, "unemployed workers" are those who are currently not working but are willing and able to work for pay, currently available to work, and have actively searched for work. [ILO,]