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Statistics Netherlands

Statistics Netherlands (CBS) enables people to have debates on social issues on the basis of reliable statistical information.The mission of CBS is to publish reliable and coherent statistical information which responds to the needs of Dutch society. The responsibility of CBS is twofold: firstly, to compile (official) national statistics and secondly to compile European (community) statistics.

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    • July 2019
      Source: Statistics Netherlands
      Uploaded by: Knoema
      Accessed On: 02 August, 2019
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      Data cited at:  CBS StatLine databank Publication: Asylum requests; international License:   Requests for asylum in member states of the European Union and some countries outside the European Union. In addition to the total number of asylum requests, the number of first asylum requests is also included. The data with respect to EU member states in this table is based on data from Eurostat and is partly different from data published in the table Asylum requests; international 1990-2009. See link section 3. The figures for the countries outside the European Union are submitted by the UNHCR. Data available from: 2008. Status of the figures: The data are final, but it occasionally happens that countries provide revised data. Therefore, the data in the table may be subject to change. Changes as of 22 December 2017: The figures for EU-28, Austria, France, Ireland and the United Kingdom have been adjusted for the year 2016 and the figure for Canada has been adjusted for the year 2015. The figures for Canada and Australia have been added for the year 2016. For the United States there is no current figure available for the year 2016. When will new figures be published? Figures for 2017 will be published in April 2018.
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    • June 2018
      Source: Statistics Netherlands
      Uploaded by: Knoema
      Accessed On: 02 December, 2018
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      Immigration and emigration in the Netherlands and the administrative corrections by country of birth, sex, age and marital status. Data available from: 1995 Status of the figures: All data recorded in this publication are final data. Changes as from 18 June 2018: The final figures of 2017 have been added. Changes as from 26 April 2018: The underlying coding of classifications used in this table has been adjusted. It is now in line with the standard encoding defined by CBS. The structure and data of the table have been adjusted. The age classification has been simplified: the five-year groups have been removed. This makes the table better suited for the interface of the new StatLine. If you are missing these figures, please contact Infoservice (see section 5). When will new figures be published? The final figures of 2018 will be added in the second quarter of 2019 in this publication.

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