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European Central Bank

The European Central Bank (ECB) is the central bank for the euro and administers monetary policy of the Eurozone, which consists of 19 EU member states and is one of the largest currency areas in the world. It is one of the world's most important central banks and is one of the seven institutions of the European Union (EU) listed in the Treaty on European Union (TEU).

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    • May 2019
      Source: European Central Bank
      Uploaded by: Knoema
      Accessed On: 20 May, 2019
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      United Kingdom : Monetary Financial Institutions (ex-central bank)-Balance Sheet Liabilities Common Description:Dataset name:Balance Sheet ItemsFrequency:MonthlyReference area:United Kingdom (GB)Adjustment indicator:Neither seasonally nor working day adjustedBS reference sector breakdown:MFIs excluding ESCBBalance sheet item:Total Assets/LiabilitiesOriginal maturity:TotalData type:Outstanding amounts at the end of the period (stocks)Counterpart area:World not allocated (geographically)BS counterpart sector:Unspecified counterpart sectorCurrency of transaction:All currencies combinedBalance sheet suffix:Euro