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Global Entrepreneurship Monitor

The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor is the world's foremost study of entrepreneurship.GEM began in 1999 as a joint project between Babson College (USA) and London Business School (UK). The aim was to consider why some countries are more 'entrepreneurial' than others. 18 years on, GEM is the richest resource of information on the subject, publishing a range of global, national and 'special topic' reports on an annual basis

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    • December 2018
      Source: Global Entrepreneurship Monitor
      Uploaded by: Knoema
      Accessed On: 05 March, 2019
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      The GEM Adult Population Survey (APS) measures the level and nature of entrepreneurial activity around the world. It is administered to a representative national sample of at least 2000 respondents. The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor is the world's foremost study of entrepreneurship. Through a vast, centrally coordinated, internationally executed data collection effort, GEM is able to provide high quality information, comprehensive reports and interesting stories, to enhance the understanding of the entrepreneurial phenomenon.

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