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National Bureau of Statistics, Nigeria

National Bureau of Statistics, Nigeria mission is to generate, on a continuous and sustainable basis, socio-economic statistics on all facets of development in Nigeria. NBS Vision is to become one of the foremost and modern knowledge-based national statistical offices in Africa and indeed the world.

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    • December 2018
      Source: National Bureau of Statistics, Nigeria
      Uploaded by: Knoema
      Accessed On: 07 February, 2019
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      Data cited at: capital importation into Nigeria in 2017 Q3 recorded a substantial increase compared to the past few quarters, as the economy continued to recover from recession following its exit in Q2 2017.The total capital imported in the third quarter was recorded at $4,145.1 million, more than double the inflow in the second quarter of this year, representing an increased value of 147.5% on a year on year basis. This inflow of capital in Q3 2017 is the first time since the beginning of 2015 that capital hit over $4,000 million in a quarter. The boom in capital importation in Q3 2017 was mainly driven by significant growth in both Portfolio Investment and Other Investment.