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Nigerian Meteorological Agency

The Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET) came into existence by an Act of the National Assembly – NIMET (Establishment) ACT 2003, enacted on 21st May 2003, and became effective on 19th June 2003 following Presidential assent. It is a Federal Government agency charged with the responsibility to advise the Federal Government on all aspects of meteorology; project, prepare and interpret government policy in the field of meteorology; and to issue weather (and climate) forecasts for the safe operations of aircrafts, ocean going vessels and oil rigs.

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    • July 2019
      Source: Nigerian Meteorological Agency
      Uploaded by: Knoema
      Accessed On: 27 November, 2019
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      In recent times, man’s focus has been on adaptation to his environment as well as sustainability in what he does and how he does it to ensure a better living tomorrow. All these have come to the fore in light of the visible, undeniable and increasing changes that are being observed within man’s environment. Aside the natural swing of climate, where it could tend towards being either warm or cold per time, man’s unchecked activities has heightened the amplitude of each swing which for now happens to be a warming trend, hence global warming.

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