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National Port Authority of Haiti

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    • July 2015
      Source: National Port Authority of Haiti
      Uploaded by: Knoema
      Accessed On: 08 July, 2015
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      These tables show how the maritime sector of Haiti has recovered from the effects of the earthquake in January 2010 in terms of cargo throughput and ship calls. Total throughput of dry and liquid bulk cargoes went up from 1,737,594 metric tons in 2009- 2010 to 2,344,999 metric tons in 2013-2014 – an increase of 34 per cent. In the same period, container handling was up from 162,805 TEU to 172,561 – an increase of just under six per cent. However, there was a fall in the number of ships calling Port-au- Prince, from 933 to 852.