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National Statistics Office of Georgia

National Statistics Office of Georgia is an institution designed to carry out statistical data and disseminate statistical information in accordance with Georgian legislation which performs its activities independently. The service is created on "Official Statistics" under the Law of Georgia on 11 December 2009. Key features of Geostat are: Develop a single policy in statistics and ensure coordinated work with other territorial and statistical bodies; Development of a statistical work program; Statistical activities defined by the statistical work program, which includes: Conduct statistical researches; Administrative data processing exclusively for statistical purposes; Processing data on the observation unit; Development of schedule of statistical data publishing and ensuring its publicity; Spreading statistical data according to the published schedule and providing equal access to all users; Elaboration of relevant statistical methodologies and standards for international analogues and promoting their implementation; Conducting the general census of the population; Preparation of annual activity report; Establishment of statistical territorial bodies and define their action areas.

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