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Open Power System Data

The idea to set up an open platform for data required by energy system models was born in 2014, around the same time when a number of energy system researchers interested in advancing open source and open data in their field gathered for the first time in Berlin and formed what is now the Open Energy Modelling Initiative (short: openmod initiative). Frauke Wiese, then at Europa-Universität Flensburg and Lion Hirth, as founder of Neon Neue Energieökonomik took the lead and formed a team around four institutions to apply for funding by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy to develop and create an open platform for power system modelling: OPSD.

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    • March 2018
      Source: Open Power System Data
      Uploaded by: Knoema
      Accessed On: 29 May, 2018
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      Data cited at: "Open Power System Data. 2018. Data Package Renewable power plants. Version 2018-03-08." License:   This Dataset contains a list of renewable energy power plants and convetional power plants of Germany, Denmark, France and Poland. Germany: More than 1.7 million renewable power plant entries, eligible under the renewable support scheme (EEG). Denmark: Wind and phovoltaic power plants with a high level of detail. France: Aggregated capacity and number of installations per energy source per municipality (Commune). Poland: Summed capacity and number of installations per energy source per municipality (Powiat). Switzerland: Renewable power plants eligible under the Swiss feed in tariff KEV (Kostendeckende Einspeisevergütung) Due to different data availability, the power plant lists are of different accurancy and partly provide different power plant parameter. Note: State "All" represents state information is not provided in source.