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World Inequality Database (WID)

The World Inequality Database ( aims to provide open and convenient access to the most extensive available database on the historical evolution of the world distribution of income and wealth, both within countries and between countries.

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    • June 2018
      Source: World Inequality Database (WID)
      Uploaded by: Knoema
      Accessed On: 08 June, 2018
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      The World Inequality Report 2018 relies on a cutting-edge methodology to measure income and wealth inequality in a systematic and transparent manner. By developing this report, the World Inequality Lab seeks to fill a democratic gap and to equip various actors of society with the necessary facts to engage in informed public debates on inequality.   Table: MacroData: Which contains macro data series (aggregate and total income and wealth variables, as well as population variables and other macro indicator such as deflators, exchange rates, etc.) Inequality Data: Which contains inequality data series (income and wealth shares, thresholds, averages for different percentiles of the population).