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Barley yield

(hg per ha)

Belgium is the top country by barley yield in the world. As of 2017, barley yield in Belgium was 84,164 hg per ha that accounts for 2.59 % of the world's barley yield. The top 5 countries (others are Ireland, the United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, and New Zealand) account for 12.04 % of it. The world's total barley yield was estimated at 3.25 million hg per ha in 2017.

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What is barley yield?

Hordeum spp.: two-row barley (H. disticum) six-row barley (H. hexasticum) four-row barley (H. vulgare). Tolerates poorer soils and lower temperatures better than does wheat. Varieties include with husk and without (naked). Used as a livestock feed, for malt and for preparing foods. The roasted grains are a coffee substitute.