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Bovine meat for food

(thousand tonnes)

The United States of America is the top country by bovine meat for food in the world. As of 2013, bovine meat for food in the United States of America was 11,598 thousand tonnes that accounts for 17.70 % of the world's bovine meat for food. The top 5 countries (others are Brazil, China, Russian Federation, and Argentina) account for 48.22 % of it. The world's total bovine meat for food was estimated at 65,515 thousand tonnes in 2013.

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What is bovine meat for food?

Default composition: 867 Cattle meat, 870 Meat-CattleBoneless(Beef and Veal), 872 Meat of Beef,Drd, Sltd,Smkd, 873 Meat Extracts, 874 Sausage Beef and Veal, 875 Preparations of Beef Meat, 876 Beef canned, 877 Homogen.Meat Prp., 947 Buffalo meat