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Transport services in % of service imports


Tajikistan is the top country by transport services (% of service imports) in the world. As of 2017, transport services (% of service imports) in Tajikistan was 76.6 %. The top 5 countries also includes Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Haiti.

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What is transport services (% of service imports)?

Transport covers all transport services (sea, air, land, internal waterway, pipeline, space and electricity transmission) performed by residents of one economy for those of another and involving the carriage of passengers, the movement of goods (freight), rental of carriers with crew, and related support and auxiliary services. Also included are postal and courier services. Excluded are freight insurance (included in insurance services); goods procured in ports by nonresident carriers (included in goods); maintenance and repairs on transport equipment (included in maintenance and repair services n.i.e.); and repairs of railway facilities, harbors, and airfield facilities (included in construction).