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General government net lending/borrowing in current LCU

(billion LCU)

Republic of Korea is the top country by general government net lending/borrowing in the world. As of 2017, general government net lending/borrowing in Republic of Korea was 40,167 billion LCU that accounts for -4.39 % of the world's general government net lending/borrowing. The top 5 countries (others are Hong Kong, Norway, Czech Republic, and Serbia) account for -4.44 % of it. The world's total general government net lending/borrowing was estimated at -915,019 billion LCU in 2017.

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What is general government net lending/borrowing?

Net lending (+)/ borrowing (?) is calculated as revenue minus total expenditure. This is a core GFS balance that measures the extent to which general government is either putting financial resources at the disposal of other sectors in the economy and nonresidents (net lending), or utilizing the financial resources generated by other sectors and nonresidents (net borrowing). This balance may be viewed as an indicator of the financial impact of general government activity on the rest of the economy and nonresidents (GFSM 2001, paragraph 4.17). Note: Net lending (+)/borrowing (?) is also equal to net acquisition of financial assets minus net incurrence of liabilities.