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Purchasing power parity conversion factor for gross domestic product

(LCU per international dollars)

Sao Tome and Principe is the top country by purchasing power parity in the world. As of 2017, purchasing power parity in Sao Tome and Principe was 12,463.6 LCU per international dollars that accounts for 19.93 % of the world's purchasing power parity. The top 5 countries (others are Iran, Viet Nam, Indonesia, and Guinea) account for 58.58 % of it. The world's total purchasing power parity was estimated at 62,537 LCU per international dollars in 2017.

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What is purchasing power parity?

Purchasing power parity conversion factor is the number of units of a country's currency required to buy the same amounts of goods and services in the domestic market as U.S. dollar would buy in the United States. This conversion factor is for GDP.