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Gross national income in current LCU prices


Iran is the top country by GNI (LCU) in the world. As of 2016, GNI (LCU) in Iran was 13,192,184,400 million LCU that accounts for 37.24 % of the world's GNI (LCU). The top 5 countries (others are Indonesia, Viet Nam, Republic of Korea, and Colombia) account for 91.65 % of it. The world's total GNI (LCU) was estimated at 35,429,471,348 million LCU in 2016.

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What is GNI (LCU)?

Gross national income (GNI) is GDP less net taxes on production and imports, less compensation of employees and property income payable to the rest of the world plus the corresponding items receivable from the rest of the world (in other words, GDP less primary incomes payable to non-resident units plus primary incomes receivable from non-resident units). An alternative approach to measuring GNI at market prices is as the aggregate value of the balances of gross primary incomes for all sectors; (note that gross national income is identical to gross national product (GNP) as previously used in national accounts)