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Teaching staff in tertiary education


Kazakhstan is the top country by teaching staff in tertiary education in the world. As of 2015, teaching staff in tertiary education in Kazakhstan was 50,744 that accounts for 79.49 % of the world's teaching staff in tertiary education. The top 3 countries (others are Tajikistan, and Sao Tome and Principe) account for 100.00 % of it. The world's total teaching staff in tertiary education was estimated at 63,839 in 2015.

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What is teaching staff in tertiary education?

Teaching staff in total tertiary. Public and private. Full and part-time. All programmes. Female is the total number of female teachers in public and private tertiary education institutions (ISCED 5 & 6). Teachers are persons employed full time or part time in an official capacity to guide and direct the learning experience of pupils and students, irrespective of their qualifications or the delivery mechanism, i.e. face-to-face and/or at a distance. This definition excludes educational personnel who have no active teaching duties (e.g. headmasters, headmistresses or principals who do not teach) and persons who work occasionally or in a voluntary capacity in educational institutions.