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Vegetables imports

(kg per person per year)

In 2007, vegetables imports in Uruguay was 10 kg per person per year. In the ranking by vegetables imports including 164 countries, Uruguay has the 83rd rank that is close to the positions of such countries as Togo and the Palestine. Compared to the United Arab Emirates which at the top of the ranking with vegetables imports of 193.7 kg per person per year in 2007, Uruguay has 94.84 % percent lower vegetables imports.

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What is vegetables imports?

i) Imports and Exports per person is the amount of imports and exports, in terms of quantity, for each individual in the total population. Figures are shown for main food groups. Ii) In principle, this covers all movements into the country of a commodity during the reference period. It includes commercial trade, food aid granted on specific terms, donated quantities and estimates of unrecorded trade. As a general rule, figures are reported in terms of net weight, i.e. excluding the weight of the container. iii) In principle, this covers all movements out of the country of a commodity during the reference period. Remarks made under Imports can also be applied to exports.

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