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Water Withdrawal - Municipal water withdrawal

(billion cubic meters per year)

China is the top country by municipal water withdrawal in the world. As of 2013, municipal water withdrawal in China was 75.01 billion cubic meters per year that accounts for 82.02 % of the world's municipal water withdrawal. The top 5 countries (others are Australia, South Africa, Cuba, and Romania) account for 94.19 % of it. The world's total municipal water withdrawal was estimated at 91.45 billion cubic meters per year in 2013.

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Annual quantity of water withdrawn primarily for the direct use by the population. It includes renewable freshwater resources as well as potential over-abstraction of renewable groundwater or withdrawal of fossil groundwater and the potential use of desalinated water or treated wastewater. It is usually computed as the total water withdrawn by the public distribution network. It can include that part of the industries, which is connected to the municipal network. The ratio between the net consumption and the water withdrawn can vary from 5 to 15% in urban areas and from 10 to 50% in rural areas.