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Fragile states index (Lowest = Best)


In 2018, fragile states index in Madagascar was 83.57 index. In the ranking by fragile states index including 178 countries, Madagascar has the 54th rank that is close to the positions of such countries as Cambodia and the Equatorial Guinea. Compared to South Sudan which at the top of the ranking with fragile states index of 113.36 index in 2018, Madagascar has 26.28 % percent lower fragile states index.

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What is fragile states index?

The FSI focuses on the indicators of risk and is based on thousands of articles and reports that are processed by our CAST Software from electronically available sources. Measures of fragility, like Demographic Pressures, Refugees and IDPs and etc., have been scaled on 0 to 10 where 10 is highest fragility and 0 no fragility.