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Charts below illustrate current insight of the future economic development of the major countries across main economic and financial indicators by the proven international agencies. Concerning United States, its real GDP growth is expected to recover in 2014 after a slowdown in 2013, levelling off on 2.6-2.4% up to 2018 according to Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). IMF, meanwhile, is inclined to more positive forecast of 3.07% in 2018. Canada is expected to follow resembling tendency with its GDP growth rising from 1.6 to 2.2% over the same period. On the contrary, Japanese economic growth will decrease gradually from 1.7 to 1% during the period from 2013 to 2018 in accordance to the EIU projections. US GDP growth is expected to be accompanied by modest CPI inflation rate which will rise by somewhat 0.8%, while unemployment rate is going to shrink by almost 2% by the 2018. Rising inflation will affect current account balance a bit which will follow general downward tendency over the forecast period achieving -2.96% of GDP in 2018 mostly due to the increase in imports of goods and services. At the same time, capital outflows will decrease slightly by 2015 because of rising long-term interest rates.

Sources: EIU Economic and Commodity Forecast, December 2013 (EIU)| World Bank Global Economic Prospects, March 2014 (WB)| IMF World Economic Outlook, April 2014 (IMF)| United Nations LINK Global Economic Outlook, October 2013 (UN)| Annual Macro-Economic Database, March 2014 (European Comission, EC)| OECD Economic Outlook No 94, November 2013 (OECD).

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