• After two consecutive years of 9%+ growth, global R&D spending returned to the long-term growth trend and grew at 5.8% in 2013 to the highest total ever, $638 billion
  • The top three industries by R&D spending continue to be Computing & Electronics, Health, and Auto
  • The Software & Internet, Health, and Auto sectors accounted for 74% of the overall growth in spending; Chemicals & Energy decreased its R&D expenditures
  • Spending in North America grew at an above average rate of 8.6% while Europe grew at a below average rate of 4.5%; Japan reduced its R&D spending by 3.6%
  • China increased R&D spending at the highest rate, 35.8%, but deceleration of R&D growth in China compared to previous years is significant (5-year annualized growth rate of ~ 64%)
  • Tesla Motors and Facebook are new entrants on the 10 Most Innovative Companies list, and Samsung rose in the ranking for the fourth straight year, reaching third place
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