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Short-term and long-term indicators and forecasts from trusted sources, curated by our experts for most popular industry sectors

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  • Leading indicators, prices, and forecasts
  • In-demand datasets from industry experts
  • Data coverage from relevant national and multilateral institutions
  • Dashboard reports covering industry trends and specialized topics
  • Mapped data to provide geo-based insights

The industry data brief collection

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  • The Agriculture Data Brief spans land use, machinery, and fertilizers to agricultural production, trade, and forecasts, providing you with the latest data and insights developed using recognized data sources to support your analysis.

    Sources include the FAO, FAPRI, IFPRI, USDA, and others.

  • The Automotive Data Brief reviews the most recent data to present an overall picture of the automotive sector. You can find information relating to vehicle production and sales in Brazil, China, Germany, Japan, and the US, among other countries, as well as statistics about fuel prices, vehicle stocks, and the electric-vehicle market.

    Sources include AFDC, EFAO, LMC, ITF, JAMA, OICA, and others.

  • The Construction Data Brief covers a variety of angles from prices and labor supply to business environment indicators to raw materials production. Learn more about environmental measures related to the industry. The Brief also offers specialized coverage of select economies and regions: China, Dubai, Europe, Oman, and the US.

    Sources include BIS, EUROFER, NBS-China, OECD, US BEA, and others.

  • The Energy Data Brief offers key statistics designed to help energy market watchers anticipate and respond to developments in the energy sector as well as changes in related industries and investments. Major topics include production, stocks, reserves, prices, and forecasts, as well as energy company financials. It also links to relevant insights dashboards aimed to help you explore statistics published by IEA and BP.

    Sources include Baker Hughes, BP, FERC, IRENA, JODI, OPEC, WWEA, and others.

  • The Financial Markets Data Brief is designed to give you a quick and accessible look at developments in capital markets and indicators that help shape market trends, including commodity prices and forecasts, interest and exchange rates, capital market performance measures, fiscal developments, and more.

    Sources include the European Central Bank, IMF, US Fed, WB, XE, and others.

  • The Health Care Data Brief covers priority health topics, including health financing, human resources, disease burden and risk factors, pharmaceuticals and equipment, and performance of industry companies. Track disease outbreak statistics, monitor trade trends, and more as you explore popular statistics from the world's leading health authorities.

    Sources include ACS, CDC, IFPRI, IHME, UN COMTRADE, the WHO, and others.

  • The Information and Communications Technology Data Brief offers the latest data coverage on mobile and broadband coverage and usage, popular indices, and information on robotics, big data, cloud computing, and cybersecurity. Via this interactive data brief, you can also explore the latest ICT Market Forecast data from our partner IHS Markit.

    Sources include Akamia, Apple, Freedom House, GII, IHS, ITU, NBSCN, Verisign, and others.

  • The Tourism Data Brief provides an interactive snapshot used widely by industry professionals around the world to analyze international tourism flows, expenditures, economic impact, and more.

    Sources include GoEuro, IN, MasterCard, OECD, US Travel Association, WTO, WTTC, and others.

  • The US Economy Data Brief provides a comprehensive and interactive overview of leading US economic and financial indicators, including but not limited to GDP, inflation and prices, economic activity, financial accounts, debt figures, the labor market, and so much more. It also links to charts and insights covering weekly jobless claims, household debt, inflation, and the energy market.

    Sources include BEA, BLS, DOL, EIA, Institute for Supply Management, US Fed, and others.

  • City-level data is generally difficult to find in comparison to country-level statistics. The World Cities Data Brief compiles data from authoritative sources to help you discover local statistics and visualizations and learn more about cities worldwide.

    Sources include ECCD, GEO, GoEuro, OECD, RAND, WHO, and others.