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15-44 Croatia

Marital Status Marriages
Age-specific Marriage Rate 12.03 per 1,000 average population in 2014 TransMonEE
Europe Age-specific Marriage Rate (per 1,000 average population in 2014)

Belarus is the top country by the age-specific marriage rate of 15-44 among 20 countries. As of 2014, the age-specific marriage rate of 15-44 in Belarus was 21.19 per 1,000 average population that accounts for 7.56% of total the age-specific marriage rate of 15-44. The top 5 countries (others are Russian Federation, Lithuania, Albania, and Latvia) account for 34.20% of it. The total the age-specific marriage rate of 15-44 was estimated at 280.12 per 1,000 average population in 2014.

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Belarus 21.19 TransMonEE
Russian Federation 19.88 TransMonEE
Lithuania 19.41 TransMonEE
Albania 19.05 TransMonEE
Latvia 16.28 TransMonEE
Ukraine 15.89 TransMonEE
Republic of Moldova 15.19 TransMonEE
North Macedonia 15.07 TransMonEE
Romania 14.53 TransMonEE
Montenegro 13.7 TransMonEE
Serbia 13.32 TransMonEE
Bosnia and Herzegovina 12.33 TransMonEE
Estonia 12.09 TransMonEE
Croatia 12.03 TransMonEE
Poland 11.64 TransMonEE
Slovakia 11.22 TransMonEE
Czech Republic 10.58 TransMonEE
Hungary 9.66 TransMonEE
Bulgaria 8.8 TransMonEE
Slovenia 8.26 TransMonEE

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