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Agriculture Items

Agriculture Agriculture Items
Alcoholic Beverages, Tobacco and Narcotics 1709 timeseries
Alfalfa 540 timeseries
Animal Hair 558 timeseries
Animal Skin 1991 timeseries
Animal Wool 2884 timeseries
Beet Pulp 456 timeseries
Beverages 799 timeseries
Beverages and Tobacco 398 timeseries
Butter 1250 timeseries
Cake 5834 timeseries
Cane tops 18 timeseries
Chocolate 775 timeseries
Cocoons 476 timeseries
Dairy Products and Eggs 397 timeseries
Dregs 512 timeseries
Eggs 2239 timeseries
Extracts 1498 timeseries
Fat 2450 timeseries
Fatty Subs 544 timeseries
Fish Meal Price 1,436.95 $/mt on Aug 2019 WB
Flour 4081 timeseries
Food Infant 737 timeseries
Food and non-alcoholic beverages 1781 timeseries
Food Preparations 734 timeseries
Forage products 655 timeseries
Gluten 554 timeseries
Homogen.Veget.Preparation 656 timeseries
Husks and Skins Coffee 518 timeseries
Ice cream 712 timeseries
Lactose 679 timeseries
Meat 13226 timeseries
Mixes and doughs 704 timeseries
Natural Gums Production 30 timeseries
Natural Rubber 1674 timeseries
Non Food Production 927 timeseries
Offals 1980 timeseries
Oil 10306 timeseries
Pastry 2137 timeseries
Powder and Cake Cocoa Beans 712 timeseries
Pyrethrum 292 timeseries
Starch Cassava 612 timeseries
Straw Husks 627 timeseries
Sugar 2549 timeseries
Sugar and Honey 788 timeseries
Textile Fibres 782 timeseries
Vitamins 36 timeseries
Water 784 timeseries
Waxes Vegetables 595 timeseries
Yogh Conc.Or Not 672 timeseries
Foreign Trade

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