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Cases of female

Country Breast (Number in 2012)

The United States of America is the top country by cases of female breast in the world. As of 2012, cases of female breast in the United States of America was 232,714 that accounts for 18.33 % of the world's cases of female breast. The top 5 countries (others are China, India, Germany, and Brazil) account for 55.42 % of it. The world's total cases of female breast was estimated at 1.27 million in 2012.

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United States of America 232,714 OECD
China 187,213 OECD
India 144,937 OECD
Germany 71,623 OECD
Brazil 67,316 OECD
Russian Federation 57,502 OECD
Japan 55,710 OECD
United Kingdom 52,399 OECD
Italy 50,658 OECD
Indonesia 48,998 OECD
France 48,763 OECD
Spain 25,215 OECD
Canada 23,420 OECD
Mexico 20,444 OECD
Poland 17,259 OECD
Republic of Korea 17,140 OECD
Turkey 15,230 OECD
Australia 14,710 OECD
Netherlands 13,895 OECD
Belgium 10,337 OECD
South Africa 9,815 OECD
Colombia 8,686 OECD
Czech Republic 6,854 OECD
Sweden 6,624 OECD
Portugal 6,088 OECD
Switzerland 5,750 OECD
Austria 5,254 OECD
Denmark 5,224 OECD
Hungary 5,094 OECD
Greece 4,934 OECD
Finland 4,477 OECD
Chile 4,081 OECD
Israel 4,010 OECD
Ireland 2,899 OECD
Norway 2,887 OECD
New Zealand 2,840 OECD
Slovakia 2,643 OECD
Lithuania 1,479 OECD
Slovenia 1,258 OECD
Costa Rica 1,145 OECD
Latvia 1,145 OECD
Estonia 658 OECD
Luxembourg 360 OECD
Iceland 225 OECD

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