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Slaughtered in Cyprus

Agriculture Agricultural Products Meat (Head in 2017)
Beef and Buffalo Meat 1 timeseries
Pork 575,046 FAO
Agriculture Agricultural Products Hides
Skins with Wool Sheep 606 Head in 2013 FAO
Agriculture Livestock Poultry Meat (1000 Head in 2017)
Chicken 12,687 FAO
Turkeys 30 FAO
Ducks 0 FAO
Agriculture Indicators
Area 73 timeseries
Area Equipped for Full Control Irrigation 38.14 1000 ha in 2016 FAO
Area Equipped for Irrigation 46 1000 ha in 2017 FAO + 1 other
Consumption Tomatoes 1 timeseries
Laying Eggs 2 timeseries
Production 680 timeseries
Seed 20 timeseries
Slaughtered 15 timeseries
Stocks 17 timeseries
Water Management 38.14 1000 ha in 2016 FAO
Yield 104 timeseries

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