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Ease of doing business in Canada

78.88 score in 2018

Over the last 3 years, ease of doing business of Canada was declining at a moderating rate to shrink from 79.19 score in 2016 to 78.88 score in 2018.

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Date Value Change, %
2018 78.88 -0.11 %
2017 78.97 -0.28 %
2016 79.19
Mexico 72.27 score in 2018 WB
Civil Liabilities Score, 1=Most Free, 7=Least Free in 2018 FH
Corruption Perceptions Index 81 score, 100="Very Clean" in 2018 TI
Freedom 99 Score, 0=Least Free, 100=Most Free in 2018 FH
Global Competitiveness Index 79.92 0-100 (best) in 2018 WEF
Global Peace Index 1.37 Score, Lowest = Best in 2018 IEP
Human Development Index 0.93 Index in 2017 UNDP
International Property Rights Index Rank = 1, Highest property rights in 2018 PRA
Legatum Prosperity Index 79.02 Score, High = Best in 2018 Legatum Institute
Political Rights Score, 1=Most Free, 7=Least Free in 2018 FH
Press Freedom Index 15.28 Score, 0=Complete Freedom, 100=No Freedom at all in 2018 RSF

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