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Consumption in Ireland

Mode of Transport Air Transportation Air Transportation Petroleum Products
Domestic 4.2 in 2016 Eurostat
International 865.8 in 2016 Eurostat
Energy (Million tonnes oil equivalent)
Primary Energy 16.1 in 2018 BP
Renewable electricity 1.51 in 2016 BP + 1 other
Nuclear Electricity 0 in 2018 BP + 1 other
Electricity 2,285 on Sep 2019 Eurostat + 1 other
Energy Renewable electricity
Hydroelectricity 0.16 Million tonnes oil equivalent in 2018 BP
Energy Renewable electricity Non-Hydro Renewable Electricity
Geothermal and Biomass Electricity 0.28 Million tonnes oil equivalent in 2018 BP
Solar Electricity 0.02 Terawatthours in 2018 BP
Wind Electricity 8.39 Terawatthours in 2018 BP
Commodities Natural resources Fossil Fuels
Gas 0 in 2016 Eurostat
Solid Fuels 2,085.2 in 2016 Eurostat
Commodities Natural resources Fossil Fuels Oil
Petroleum Products 7,405.9 in 2016 Eurostat

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