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The refinery processing gain of Gabon

Commodities Indicators
Production 0 Thousand Barrels Per Day in 3rd quarter 2019 EIA
Africa Production (Thousand Barrels Per Day in 3rd quarter 2019)

Algeria is the top country by production refinery processing gain among 53 countries. As of 3rd quarter 2019, production refinery processing gain in Algeria was 0 thousand barrels per day. The top 5 countries also includes Angola, Benin, Botswana, and Burkina Faso.

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Algeria 0 EIA
Angola 0 EIA
Benin 0 EIA
Botswana 0 EIA
Burkina Faso 0 EIA
Burundi 0 EIA
Cabo Verde 0 EIA
Cameroon 0 EIA
Central African Republic 0 EIA
Chad 0 EIA
Comoros 0 EIA
Congo 0 EIA
Côte d'Ivoire 0 EIA
Democratic Republic of the Congo 0 EIA
Djibouti 0 EIA
Egypt 0 EIA
Equatorial Guinea 0 EIA
Eritrea 0 EIA
Eswatini 0 EIA
Ethiopia 0 EIA
Gabon 0 EIA
Gambia 0 EIA
Ghana 0 EIA
Guinea 0 EIA
Guinea Bissau 0 EIA
Kenya 0 EIA
Lesotho 0 EIA
Liberia 0 EIA
Libya 0 EIA
Madagascar 0 EIA
Malawi 0 EIA
Mali 0 EIA
Mauritania 0 EIA
Mauritius 0 EIA
Morocco 0 EIA
Mozambique 0 EIA
Namibia 0 EIA
Niger 0 EIA
Nigeria 0 EIA
Rwanda 0 EIA
Sao Tome and Principe 0 EIA
Senegal 0 EIA
Seychelles 0 EIA
Sierra Leone 0 EIA
Somalia 0 EIA
South Africa 0 EIA
South Sudan 0 EIA
Togo 0 EIA
Tunisia 0 EIA
Uganda 0 EIA
United Republic of Tanzania 0 EIA
Zambia 0 EIA
Zimbabwe 0 EIA
Commodities Natural resources Fossil Fuels Oil
Crude Oil and Lease Condensate Production 9 timeseries
Crude Oil and Petroleum Products Exports 1 timeseries
Natural Gas Plant Liquids Production 2 timeseries
Other Liquids Production 3 timeseries
Petroleum Products 12 timeseries
Refinery Capacity 24 Thousand Barrels/Calendar Day in 2018 OPEC
Refinery Processing Gain Production 3 timeseries
Refinery Throughputs 15.65 1,000 barrels per day in 2018 OPEC
Rigs 4 Number in 2018 OPEC
Wells Completed 13 Number in 2018 OPEC

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