Country (Euros on Mar 2024)

France is the top country by claims in the world. As of March 2024, claims in France was 781,228 million euros that accounts for 25.22% of the world's claims. The top 5 countries (others are Italy, Germany, Spain, and Netherlands) account for 81.91% of it. The world's total claims was estimated at 3,097,818 million euros in March 2024.

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France 781.23B IMF
Italy 666.13B IMF
Germany 506.14B IMF
Spain 446.04B IMF
Netherlands 137.97B IMF
Belgium 118.15B IMF
Greece 94.73B IMF
Austria 83.78B IMF
Portugal 80.3B IMF
Ireland 62.5B IMF
Finland 46.7B IMF
Slovakia 19.96B IMF
Slovenia 13.13B IMF
Lithuania 11.67B IMF
Croatia 8.03B IMF
Luxembourg 7.17B IMF
Cyprus 6.48B IMF
Latvia 5.08B IMF
Malta 2.22B IMF
Estonia 422,000,000 IMF
Claims 240 timeseries
General Government 236.79B Domestic Currency in 4th quarter 2023 IMF + 4 others
Households Debt 100 timeseries
Private 1667 timeseries