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Migration from Vanuatu

Oceania (thousands in 2100)
Australia 731.63 UNDESA
New Zealand 62 UNDESA
Vanuatu 0 UNDESA
Kiribati -2 UNDESA
Papua New Guinea -4 UNDESA
Tonga -4 UNDESA
Samoa -7.6 UNDESA
Solomon Islands -8 UNDESA
Fiji -8.54 UNDESA
Micronesia (Federated States of) -10.62 UNDESA
Age Population 1 timeseries
Migration 0 thousands in 2100 UNDESA
Mortality Indicators Adult 3 timeseries
Population 123 timeseries
Demographics Migration
Asylum 1 Number in 2011 UNHCR
Refugees 1 Persons in 2017 UNDESA + 1 other

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