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Social security funds in Rwanda

Government Finance (Domestic Currency)
Government Revenue 205.94 in 2017 IMF
Net Acquisition of Financial Assets 124.91 in 2017 IMF
Budget Deficit 108.17 in 2017 IMF
Primary Net Lending/Borrowing 108.17 in 2017 IMF
Government Expenditure 102.08 in 2017 IMF
Debt 35.85 in 2016 IMF
Net Incurrence of Liabilities 17.33 in 2017 IMF
Consumption of fixed capital 1.65 in 2017 IMF
Investment in Nonfinancial Assets -2.66 in 2017 IMF
Operating Balance 4 timeseries
Government Finance Government Expenditure (Domestic Currency in 2017)
Social Benefits 78.63 IMF
Compensation of Employees 10.16 IMF
Goods and Services Expense 7.55 IMF
Interest Payments 0 IMF
Government Finance Government Expenditure Subsidies and Other Transfers (Domestic Currency in 2017)
Grants Expense 0 IMF
Subsidies 0 IMF
Government Finance Government Revenue (Domestic Currency in 2017)
Social Contributions 156.67 IMF
Tax Revenue 0 IMF
Government Finance Government Revenue Grants and Other Revenue
Grants Revenue 0 Domestic Currency in 2017 IMF
Measure Operating Balance (Domestic Currency in 2017)
Gross 105.51 IMF
Net 103.85 IMF

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