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Educational Attainment in the San Marino

Education Level Advanced Education (% in 2018)
Bachelor's Degree 15.76 WB
Tertiary Education 15.76 WB
Master's Degree 11.09 WB
Education Level Basic Education (% in 2018)
Primary Education 96.6 WB
Lower Secondary Education 82.96 WB
Education Level Intermediate Education Secondary Education (% in 2018)
Upper Secondary Education 53.94 WB
Post-Secondary Education 15.76 WB
Education Indicators
Completion Rate 6 timeseries
Duration 4 timeseries
Educational Attainment 21 timeseries
Enrollment Rate 22 timeseries
Intake Rate Primary Education 6 timeseries
Literacy 7 timeseries
Not in Education 9 timeseries
Pupil–Teacher Ratio 6 timeseries
School Life Expectancy 15.11 years in 2012 WB
Starting Age 2 timeseries

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