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The seed of Switzerland

Agriculture Crops (tonnes in 2016)
Cereals 27,000 FAO
Triticale 1,600 FAO
Pulses 702 FAO
Oilcrops 16 FAO
Agriculture Crops Vegetables
Tubers and Roots 21,603 tonnes in 2016 FAO
Agriculture Crops Vegetables Tubers
Potatoes 21,603 tonnes in 2016 FAO
Agriculture Crops Cereals (tonnes in 2016)
Wheat 17,600 FAO
Coarse Grain 9,400 FAO
Barley 4,500 FAO
Maize 1,400 FAO
Oats 1,100 FAO
Rye 800 FAO
Agriculture Crops Oilcrops (tonnes in 2016)
Sunflower 40 FAO
Oilcakes 19 FAO
Agriculture Crops Leguminous Crops (tonnes in 2016)
Dry peas 640 FAO
Dry Broad Beans 62 FAO
Dry Beans 0 FAO
Agriculture Indicators (1000 ha)
Area 64 timeseries
Area Equipped for Full Control Irrigation 52 in 2016 FAO
Area Equipped for Irrigation 63 in 2017 FAO + 1 other
Consumption 6 timeseries
Laying Eggs 2 timeseries
Production 613 timeseries
Seed 18 timeseries
Slaughtered 15 timeseries
Stocks 16 timeseries
Water Management 52 in 2016 FAO
Yield 92 timeseries

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