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The goods of the Syrian Arab Republic

Mode of Transport
Air Transportation 0.03 million ton-km in 2018 WB
Mode of Transport Inland Transportation
Rail Transportation 2,206 million ton-km in 2014 WB
Foreign Trade (1000 US$ in 2013)
Imports 5,400,000 FAO
Exports 2,000,000 FAO
Economic Activity Services ICT
High Technology Exports 42,302,624 current US$ in 2010 WB
Balance of Payments Current Account Balance Trade
Exports 71.43 current US$, millions on Nov 2016 WB + 2 others
Goods 21 timeseries
Imports 660.46 current US$, millions on Nov 2016 WB + 2 others
Net Trade -3.6B current US$ in 2010 WB
Services 14 timeseries
Terms of Trade 63.96B constant LCU in 2007 WB

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