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Knoema DataFinder

Next generation AI tools for autonomous data discovery

Knoema’s Workflow Tools use AI to bring the world’s most comprehensive database automatically and intelligently into your workflows in Excel & Word - no search required.

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Relevant data

Provided autonomously as you work in Word and Excel

With Knoema, data no longer has to be identified and searched for, now relevant datasets and supporting visualizations are actively presented into your documents and spreadsheets. Data points with sources and supporting charts can be integrated into documents with a single click, letting you spend more time on insights, and less time on finding data.

Available for:

How it works

Surface data

As you type in Word, Knoema DataFinder identifies natural language concepts and surfaces relevant data in the right panel. In Excel, simply select a cell with terms in it to see potential relevant data. This workflow also functions in a traditional search format.

Filter data

Scroll through results easily and click to expand any dataset to learn about each result, and view potential visualizations and additional information from that year, location, source and more.

Insert data

Insert any dataset right into your working document for use, and modify and insert charts from that data that are provided right within Knoema DataFinder.

Try for free

Knoema Free users can utilize Knoema’s Workflow Tools for Excel and Word with a limited selection of popular timeseries from Knoema’s database.

Professional users

Knoema Professional users have access to all 2.8b+ time-series of data in Knoema’s database, right from within Word and Excel with Workflow Tools.

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